Friday , April 12 2024
The reality TV show is now available for your Nintend Wii and DS.

Screenshots: Wipeout: The Game

For the past few summers, many folks have turned on ABC and watched incredibly foolish people do their best not to get pummeled by an obstacle course that has been designed specifically to pummel people.  There are those out there who watch the show, entitled Wipeout, because they quite enjoy seeing the semi-playful suffering of others.  Then there are those who watch the show because they are completely and totally bewildered that anyone would sign up to be pummeled in such a manner.  And then, of course, there are those who are simply not interested in watching others get pummeled.

Now, if you fall into one of the groups who like the show, you very well may want to check out the new Wii and DS games based on the series.  If you don't particularly like watching others get pummeled and aren't foolish enough to get pummeled on the show yourself, perhaps you too will enjoy the game as all the pummeling is virtual.  Plus, who knows, you just may learn a trick or two that will ensure your success on the actual show itself (hey, it could happen). 

Here's an idea – check out these Wii screenshots, see if the game may be for you, and look for the Blogcritics review in the coming weeks.

Wipeout: The Game is now available for Nintendo Wii and DS.

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