Saturday , May 18 2024
Rhythm, either you have it or don't, but you don't actually need it for this game.

Screenshots: Rhythm Racer 2 for iPhone

We don't know about you, but we've often thought to ourselves, "hey, selves, wouldn't it be great if you (us) could play a rhythm game that wasn't really a rhythm game but much more a flying game that pretended like it was a rhythm game?  As you (us) aren't really much of a rhythm having individual, a pretend rhythm game could make it seem like you (us) have rhythm even when you (us) don't." 

Enter Rhythm Racer 2, a flying game that takes place on a rhythm game-type field and has tons of music.  You have to pick up little glowing balls that exist in conjunction with whatever music is being played.  Essentially, what you've got is a Guitar Hero/Rock Band-like field, but rather than strumming you fly your ship over the notes.

Not only is it potentially genius – and a real boon for us non-rhythm types – but it's a free iPhone app!  Where the company makes its money is in selling you more songs for it.  We're not going to be commenting on the pros and cons of the game and the sales strategy herein, we're simply informing you at this juncture and presenting several screenshots.  And here they are…

Rhythm Racer 2 is currently available for the iPhone.

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