Sunday , February 25 2024
Red Dead lives with this new DLC.

Screenshots: Red Dead Redemption – “Legends and Killers”

Are you, perhaps, feeling a little Red Dead dead?  Have you done everything you could possibly do in the game?  Well, pretty soon (next month) that won’t be the case anymore – those nice folks over at Rockstar are releasing new DLC called “Legends and Killers.”  It’s going to have nine new multiplayer maps, it’s going to have eight new multiplayer characters, it’s going to have some serious shooting going on (we hypothesize).

Now, as with a lot of other DLC, “Legends and Killers” isn’t free.  No, it’s actually being priced at $9.99 for PSN and 800 Microsoft Points for Xbox Live.  We’re not arguing pro or con here, but perhaps you’ll be thrown into the pro camp when we tell you that there will be a new addition to your armory, the Tomahawk projectile weapon, and new Achievements/Trophies you can earn.

If you’ve played the game already (and who buys DLC content without the game?) you should have a pretty good idea of what the graphics are like, after all, you saw them when you did your playing.  However, you still may want to get a glimpse at the DLC graphics, and that we can help with.  How?  With the following screenshots of course.

Red Dead Redemption - Legends and Killers

Red Dead Redemption - Legends and Killers

Red Dead Redemption - Legends and Killers

Red Dead Redemption - Legends and Killers


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