Sunday , April 21 2024
Monster 4x4 returns!

Screenshots: Monster 4×4: Stunt Racer for Nintendo Wii

We have word today of a brand-new Monster 4×4 game scheduled for release on the Nintendo Wii this fall.  Monster 4×4: Stunt Racer will, predictably for a new game, have new stunts, new upgradable vehicles, and new courses available.  There will also be multiple ways to get through the same course and four player split-screen support.

Will all those things combine for a monster of a game? 

How can you possibly ask me that, I haven't played it yet.  I have, however, seen some screenshots, and I'm now going to share those with you:

Monster 4×4: Stunt Racer is due out for the Nintendo Wii in the Fall of 2009.

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