Sunday , April 21 2024
The release of Madden NFL 11 approaches.

Screenshots: Madden NFL 11

Every year a very wise man repeatedly asks the same question.  We firmly believe that his asking the same question isn’t a sign that he isn’t wise, more a sign that he’s trying to make sure that we understand what we’re getting into. 

That question?  It’s “Are you ready for some football?”

One simple way for you to answer in the affirmative would be to state “Ummm… yeah.  I’ve already got Madden NFL 11 and everything.”  This year the perennial leader in videogame football excellence is going to have Drew Brees on the cover.  We don’t know that we’re excited about that, but we do completely understand the reasons for putting him there. 

What we are excited for is the bone-crunching, high-flying, excellence that the series provides.  We eagerly await the opportunity to see if this new version is as slick and wonderful as previous iterations, but for now will be contenting ourselves with some of the latest screenshots available from the Madden NFL 11 demo.  They appear to feature the NY team that doesn’t have a Manning going up against the NFL team that has a Manning but the wrong one (sorry Peyton, we’re on Team Eli).

Madden NFL 11 is due out on August 10.

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