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Madden comes to the iPhone!

Screenshots: Madden NFL 10 for iPhone

People love their Madden… and I do mean love it.  Every year when the new version comes out I half expect to see people running up and down the street hugging everyone in sight.  I haven't seen that yet, but I suspect that's because people can't play Madden while running up and down the street… until now that is, because now, Madden NFL 10 is coming to the iPhone!

Yup, Madden is coming to the iPhone and bringing gridiron goodness with it.  With real players and fields, a season mode, and the ability to draw hot routes, this could be a hugely promising release.  And, the screenshots don't look too shabby either (yes that is Favre in a Vikings jersey and yes, he's in the game).

Favre Madden 10

Favre Madden 10

Favre Madden 10

Madden NFL 10 for the iPhone is due to release in September 2009.

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