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Take a peek at screenshots from one of next year's titles.

Screenshots: Clash of the Titans

Next year the new Clash of the Titans film be unleashed upon a quite suspecting public.  That means that the new Clash of the Titans videogame will also be released (it will be available on PS3 and Xbox 360).  The game is going to be contain two different modes – one that will allow you to relive Perseus's adventure from the film and another that will allow you to take on new bosses in some fashion.  Sadly, we can't imagine that Laurence Olivier's voice will in any way be used in either mode, but perhaps there will be some sort of swell unlockable bit that will include it.  We'd even happily take Ursula Andress, or Harry Hamlin, or Maggie Smith, or Burgess Meredith (to be clear, we're not against the new cast, we just have fond memories of the original). 
Okay, fine, that will never happen, we're dreaming there.  What we're not dreaming about though are these truly swell screenshots.  They look mighty impressive. 

Look for the Clash of the Titans game to be released in Spring 2010, and the movie to come out on March 26 of the same year.

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