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The newest Bakugan title will soon emerge. For now, we have screenshots.

Screenshots: Bakugan: Battle Trainer for Nintendo DS

In the coming weeks, Blogcritics Gaming hopes to bring you our report of our hands-on demo of the new Bakugan: Battle Brawlers game, Bakugan: Battle Trainer.  At that point we'll be able to wax eloquent on the difference in this particular title between a Reaper and a Stinglash.  However, as our grubby little mitts haven't yet gotten to pop the cartridge of this DS exclusive into our system, today we will have to satisfy you merely with pictures of the upcoming title and the aforementioned Reaper and Stinglash… and a Juggernoid – we're massive fans of the Juggernoid and not just because we like to say "Juggernoid" even though "Juggernoid" might be our favorite word. 

Bakugan: Battle Trainer will allow you, and play close attention because you'd never guess this based on the title of the game alone, to train your Bakugan (see, shocking, right?).  By training your creature you can improve their skills prior to having them pick a fight the end goal of which is to free other Bakugan.  You can collect up to 30 different creatures in the title and improve your Bakugan rank.  And now for the pictures we promised…

Bakugan: Battle Trainer is due out on the Nintendo DS March 30, 2010.  Juggernoid!

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