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Pelé is, after all, a pretty magical guy.

Screenshots: Academy of Champions: Soccer

Soccer may be the most popular sport around the world, but it certainly is not in the United States.  Kids in the States play it more than adults and there are several recreational youth soccer leagues, but as people get older, their interest in the sport seems to wane.  There is a professional soccer league — Major League Soccer — but it's nowhere near as popular as Major League Baseball, or the NFL, or the NBA, or maybe even the NHL.

Harry Potter, however, is huge.  The boy wizard is a massive success in almost every age group.  So, how about creating a soccer game that feels as though it takes place in a Hogwarts-esque environment?

Don't worry, there's no actual need for you to go out and program the game by yourself, Ubisoft has done it for you (though it is geared towards the younger set)!  Releasing in September for the Nintendo Wii is Academy of Champions:  Soccer

In the game, Players find themselves taking control of a young lad or lass who has just enrolled at Brightfield Academy, where the headmaster is Pelé and Mia Hamm plays mentor.  Ubisoft informs us that Academy of Champions:  Soccer will feature both Balance Board and MotionPlus support in what is a story-driven, arcade-style soccer game.

How will it all play out?  That we can't say yet, we can however offer up some screenshots.  Enjoy!








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