Friday , April 12 2024
A new day has dawned, and we have some more shots of Academy of Champions: Soccer.

Screenshots: Academy of Champions: Soccer – Part II

A while back, we brought you news (and screenshots) of the upcoming Nintendo Wii title — Academy of Champions:  Soccer.  You remember, it's the "What if Hogwarts wasn't as much about magic in general as it was about magic soccer in particular" game.  All coming back to you now, is it?  That's right, it's the one with Pelé and Mia Hamm, and, as the below screenshots indicate, Raving Rabbids too.  Yes, Raving Rabbids. 

No, I don't know why there are Raving Rabbids, but let me ask you this — why not Raving Rabbids?  They're going to appear in the game as kids along with Sam Fisher, Altair, and Rayman.  That's just the sort of unlockable goodness the game is going to have.

Take it away brand-spanking new screenshots:


Academy of Champions: Soccer is due to be released this November, and Blogcritics Gaming will be sure to bring you more news of the game as it rolls in.

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