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Is it okay to laugh if someone takes a watermelon to the face?

Screen Time 9/14/20 – Watermelons to the Kisser

Another week brings with it a new episode of Screen Time, and tonight Erin Medley and I sat down and had a chat about how I was right about Hellcats & Nikita, the brilliance of watermelons to the kisser, and the downfall of the second season of Friday Night Lights.

That’s right, we had yet another wide-ranging discussion, taking on various tidbits tidpieces of television from the end of cable’s summer season to the genius of Mad Men, and why I won’t be watching The Real Housewives of Anywhere, ever.  Erin did make a pseudo-compelling argument as to why exactly I may want to watch any of the Real Housewives iterations, but, sadly, her argument in no way won me over. 

One of the other things we brought up tonight was the brilliance of Phil Keoghan as a host.  He manages to be both an indispensable part of the program and yet never inserts himself into the action in the way other hosts sometimes do.  Ah Phil, click play below to hear us wax eloquent.

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