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Sci-Fi Puppets: Thunderbirds Return

When I was a young kid in the ’60s, I thought the “supermarionation” puppet technique of shows like the Thunderbirds was super cool – maybe those puppets realy were alive and doing their own walking and talking. And if not, it was impressive anyway.

Leaving no stone of nostalgia unturned, the hit British television series has been resurrected on DVD, the latest being the Thunderbirds International Rescue Edition Giftset, which includes Thunderbirds Are Go! And Thunderbirds 6, two feature-length adventures. The giftset also includes “interactive” packaging with removable die-cut model rocket ships and a “coolectible” Thunderbirds magnet, featurettes with co-producer Sylvia Anderson (voice of Lady Penelope) and other cast and crew, a photo gallery, and a Thunderbirds quiz.

Thunderbirds Are Go! synopsis here:

    Blast off into interplanetary adventure with the first feature-length film starring the International Rescue team: millionaire ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy, his five stalwart sons, the fabulous secret agent Lady Penelope and, of course, their incredibly futuristic fleet of Thunderbird rescue ships!

    When the mighty spaceship Zero X is sabotaged on its first take-off for Mars, International Rescue is summoned to provide security for the second launch attempt. But after the ship successfully reaches its destination, it is attacked by rampaging alien life forms! Once again, the brave and resourceful International Rescue team is called into action. Can the team help the damaged ship re-enter Earth’s atmosphere and prevent a crash-landing with devastating consequences?

    Thunderbirds 6: The Tracy team is back in action in another riveting adventure! This time it will take all of their combined effort – and the cunning wit of their colleague Lady Penelope – to defeat an international ring of terrorists who’ve targeted International Rescue for destruction!

    While on the maiden voyage of the fabulous new passenger vessel “Skyship One,” Lady Penelope is shocked to discover that the original crew has been killed and replaced with a ruthless gang of hijackers who want to use her to obtain classified information about the International Rescue team! As the hijacked super-plane circles the globe on a collision course with catastrophe, Penelope must outwit her captors and send an urgent SOS to get help from her fearless cohorts…before it’s too late!


Check out the trailer:

And here’s a clip from Thunderbirds 6:

Cool audio clips are here.

We also have one copy of the Thunderbirds 6 soundtrack to give away to the first reader to leave a comment below.

I don’t imagine it’s a coincidence that the live action Thunderbirds film is coming out July 30.

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