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Be gone, lowly peasants. My queen and I are feasting!

Satire: The News in Pictures XXVIII

Welcome to "O Caption! My Caption!" Blogcritics' examination of news, sports, and politics utilizing the most efficient and timesaving method: looking at pretty pictures and deducing what happened based on the pixels.

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“What do you mean? I just had an eyebrow wax yesterday. See?”
(AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)

“I feel a bit ruffled. How ‘bout you?”
(Dan Cepeda/Star-Tribune)

“Well, you know how it is. You reap what you sow.”
(Kevin Pieper/The Baxter Bulletin)

“Coul you direct me to Men’s Wear? Well, any wear, really.”
(Joshua Trujillo/

Residents of the Acme Nursing Home were rounded up and reprimanded after it was discovered they’d escaped en masse and had been deliberately running into inattentive people consumed with their cell phone conversations and iPods.

(Hendrik Schmidt/DPA/ZUMA Press)

“Mooooon River, wider than a mile, my brother’s name is Kyle … ”
(Vadim Ghirda/Associated Press)

“Hey, stop it! I’m not that kind of dinosaur!”
(Kiichiro Sato/AP)

“You’re it!”
(Karen Warren/Chronicle)

“Okay, pull it up. And try not to clock me in the head again, would ya?!”
(Mark Hoffman)

You see it and I see it, but later today someone will plow right through it.
(Jerome T. Nakagawa/Springfield News-Leader)

When life hands you lemons…
(Reuters/Thomas Mukoya)

“Dad, what happened to his better half?”
( Gary Higgins/The Patriot Ledger)

Some photographs speak for themselves.
(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

“I don’t care how many there are. They’re all going to get speeding tickets!”
(Vasily Fedosenko/Reuters)

“Be gone, lowly peasants. My queen and I are feasting!”
(Jon Langham/Kane County Chronicle)

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