Tuesday , June 25 2024

Rudolph Piss Poor Survivalist

Besdies being a cowardly murderer and indiscriminate terrorist of American men women and children, Eric Rudolph is a weak-assed peckerwood survivalist, according to a real survivalist:

    Accused serial bomber Eric Rudolph told his jailers that he survived five years in the wild on a diet [of] … Acorns, lizards and salamanders, sometimes raw. Deer, turkey and bear that he shot with a hunting rifle. Corn and soybeans stolen from a storage silo. Scraps of food scrounged from a grocery store trash bin and the back of a Taco Bell restaurant.

    ….Tom Brown, one of the nation’s foremost experts on surviving in the wild, dismissed Rudolph’s description of his outdoor skills.

    ”As soon as you find yourself foraging in garbage cans, using a gun or knife or having to steal, you’re not a survivalist,” Brown said. ”You’re nothing more than a homeless thief.” [USA Today]

In another USA Today article, Brown said:

    ”Why would he eat them raw?” asked Brown, an expert on outdoor survival. ”You never eat raw meat. There could be parasites. Especially when you can build hidden, smokeless fires.”

Asshole religious extremist killer fuckwad, AND dumbass to boot.

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