Friday , July 19 2024

Rolling Glenn

Most famous Blogcritic Glenn Reynolds is on a roll of late with digital/entertainment goodies.

He is following the conceptual music/digital exploits of prodigy Aimee Deep:

    Here are the dirty details of how Big Media plans to attack us in our homes: First, serve millions of secret subpoenas to get our personal identities; then, choose from among us who they will sue or prosecute.

    Does that sound at all like the America they taught us about in grade school? I mean, I do remember hearing these same horror stories in grade school, but the teachers told me that the stories were about these poor oppressed people who once lived in fear in a country that was called the Soviet Union – and that the Soviet Union didn’t even exist anymore.

    So what happened? How could we have allowed our own country, America the home of the brave and the free, to turn into this police state? It’s like since we don’t have Communists to fight against anymore, people have lost sight of what we are fighting for?

    Am I crazy? Is it just that I’m being personally persecuted by these big media fanatics but it doesn’t affect anyone else?

    Or is it that the superpowers have changed now? And it’s not the Soviet Union we’re fighting, but a more sinister enemy — Corporate Superpowers who use our own freedoms against us, and fight all of us Americans in a silent war from within?

Glenn is also pointing us toward a number of indie music sources:

    If this stuff irritates you like it does me, go to MP3.Com, or IUMA, or Vitaminic or PeopleSound, browse around the different genres, listen to stuff you like, and download it or order the CDs. There’s a lot of great music out there by independent artists, and there’s no reason to go to big record companies to hear good music.

I concur heartily, and don’t forget CD Baby.

He also passes on this thread from Slashdot about sampling from vinyl using a scanner. I sample from vinyl using Cool Edit, but that’s another matter.

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