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Stop dieting, stop suffering, and start eating in a way that helps your body trim down naturally and easily.

Book Review: ‘Trim Healthy Mama’ by Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett

Trim Healthy Mama
Trim Healthy Mama

If you sit around with a group of moms, especially those with young children, you hear the same complaints. “I can’t get back to my old size” or “It’s so hard to diet when I have to cook for my whole family–and they’re eating macaroni and cheese while I’m having a salad” or “I’m always eating the half sandwich my kid didn’t eat, or the handful of Goldfish left in his lunchbox.”

Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett, two sisters who are both married and have 14 children between them, sympathize with wives and mothers who are trying to get their youthful figures back while cooking for their hungry husbands and children. They spent many years researching and trying different diets and eating approaches until they found a satisfying, scientifically sound, highly effective way to enjoy eating that results in impressive weight loss without any deprivation.

Their book, Trim Healthy Mama, is a New York Times bestseller that has already sold more than 100,000 copies, is one of the top five books sold at Amazon and B&N, has generated millions of online followers with before-and-after success stories, and is getting worldwide attention.

The basic premise of the Trim Healthy Mama plan is that our body burns two types of fuel–fats and carbohydrates (glucose). By consuming one main fuel source at a time, the body is able to completely burn through that energy source instead of storing the excess as fat. Protein is at the center of all meals and snacks, with either fat or carbs as the main fuel source. So, you’d eat a meal of protein with fats, or protein with carbs, but you wouldn’t eat a large amount of fats at the same meal as carbs–two fuel sources–if you’re looking to lose weight.

With their lively back-and-forth banter that’s aimed squarely at moms, and more than 200 pages of tantalizing recipes, Serene and Pearl explain how to tailor the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle to one’s own family and needs. By adjusting the amount of certain ingredients, you can make a single meal that helps you lose weight, keeps meat-eating husbands happy, fills up hungry teens, and pleases picky youngsters. All in one meal!

Serene and Pearl don’t believe in fad diets. They don’t believe in portion control. And they don’t believe in eliminating foods that we love, such as chocolate, steak, and even fried foods. Instead, the Trim Healthy Mama plan is designed to make us happy, full of energy, and satisfied. Once you learn how to combine the right types and amounts of fat, protein, and carbs for different needs (steady weight loss, weight maintenance, weight gain, or rapid weight loss), you’re set.

This is a big book–600+ pages–and readers get a lot of bang for their buck. In addition to solid nutritional information and great meal ideas, the sisters share their favorite exercise hints and secrets, supplements, and even advice for maintaining a healthy love life after kids.

Trim Healthy Mama has become an internet phenomenon. At the sisters’ website, fans of the book post their inspiring before and after photos and testimonials about how this book helped them finally arrive at a size and shape they are happy with. They are amazing to read, and provide a better “review” of the book than this one can, because these are women (mostly) who had all but given up on weight loss until they tried Serene and Pearl’s approach.

If you’re someone who’s tried and repeatedly failed at dieting, Serene and Pearl would tell you to stop. Stop dieting, stop suffering, and start eating in a way that helps your body trim down naturally and easily.

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