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Book Review: ‘The Complete Book of Juicing, Revised and Updated’ by Dr. Michael T. Murray

The Complete Book of JuicingHealth and diet fads come and go, but one practice that seems to have stuck around since household appliances became ubiquitous in the 1960s is juicing. Today, juicing is so widespread that juice bars can be found in mainstream airports and shopping malls, and many of us have our own juicers for creating healthful concoctions at home.

The raw juice movement is definitely here to stay.

Enter the newly revised and updated bestseller, The Complete Book of Juicing: Your Delicious Guide to Youthful Vitality (Clarkson Potter, December 2013), by Dr. Michael T. Murray. This encyclopedic book now offers over 150 fresh juice recipes that are both nutritious and delicious.

A naturopathic physician regarded as one of the world’s top authorities on natural medicine, Dr. Murray presents guidelines for doing juice cleanses to detoxify the blood and organs, and shows how to use raw fruit and vegetable juices as medicine for safely treating common ailments and conditions. There’s an encouraging chapter devoted to juicing for steady, sustainable weight loss, with menu plans and detailed advice on how to prepare for weight loss and maintain it over the long haul. Dr. Murray also offers strategies for juicing to boost immune function — particularly for cancer patients.

Based on the most recent and reputable scientific studies, the book includes comprehensive information on the nutritional benefits of various fruits and vegetables, the healing powers of raw juice, and answers to common questions and misconceptions about juicing and raw foods. For those who are just getting started on a self-care routine using raw juice, Dr. Murray includes a chapter covering the various types of juicers, how they differ, and the pros and cons with each method and model.

A bestseller since the first edition came out in 1997, The Complete Book of Juicing, Revised and Updated, has been expanded and reworked to reflect new findings in the field of medicine and nutrition, to include diverse ingredients that are now more widely available, and to address the needs of conscientious and educated consumers looking to take a more active role in their health. This book will appeal to long-time juicing enthusiasts and novices alike, and will be invaluable for doctors, nutritionists, and other healthcare providers.

Dr. Murray is an educator, lecturer, researcher, and health food industry consultant who has written more than 30 books. Learn more at his website.



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  1. Dr Joseph S Maresca

    There are some excellent fruits/veggies for juicing including apples, celery, radish, cucumber and berries. The fiber from these preparations is great.