Sunday , April 21 2024
There are those who set the price, and there are those who pay the price.

Reproduction at all Costs!

Again the gate is opened and we’re off on the idea that death is the worst thing that could ever happen to a person. Regardless of the belief system or lack of it, those who hold dear the idea that death is the greatest tragedy have yet to suffer alongside the millions of their fellow human beings born into/with hunger, neglect, abuse, poverty, addiction, fetal alcohol syndrome, and aids, to name but a few. Waxing emotional about seemingly one-sided applications toward life without any mention or regard for the quality of that life is shameless, myopic, and self-righteous. How dare they get up on their pulpits (religious or not) and proclaim their regard for innocent life when their regard so blatantly stops at the sound of a baby’s first cries?

Call a spade a spade: “Pro-life” is just a pretty way to dress up the hypocritical and unholy selfishness of those who are nothing more than Pro-Birth. As soon as that child is born, pro-lifers don’t give a rat’s ass what happens next and this is painfully evident in the laws they propose, the funding they cut, and their curious absence from the maternity ward. Those who believe it is their calling to seize other’s reproductive responsibilities and bring all conceptions to term are the same people who step out for a cup of coffee before you can say “Ten fingers and ten toes!”, dumping that responsibility at the door on their way out.

There is but a fraction of the people in line to contribute to a child’s life as there are those who would force children into this world and then abandon them before the umbilical cord is cut. With no fundamental, moral, legislative, or personal concern for the quality of that little person’s life or even for how or when they will die later, those who would force birth are the epitome of human abandonment. All that trash talking and nary a helping hand in sight — look around at how many of them have turned loitering and harassment into a lifestyle choice with their judgement, arguing, yelling, holding up their signs bearing savage slogans and enlarged grotesque pictures, hiding like the cowards they are behind their glaring lack of lawful protection for children to include food, shelter, shoes, clothing, education, healthcare, and compassion. Those not parading their energy and resources in front of clinics are in Washington peddling right to birth bills in on the heels of cuts to every program providing for children to include their food, shelter, daycare, education, and protection from those who would and/or already have hurt them. At the same time comes no law that would permanently incarcerate sexual predators (or put them to death outright, my personal preference) and that would provide for and guarantee a child’s safety and welfare after being removed from an abusive home. The rest of them ply their
moral high ground on the internet, in bible study, and in conversations that still don’t result in the betterment of even one child’s life.

That so many children die from abuse, neglect, preventable illnesses, and diseases-yet-cured because of cuts in funding is in reality the story of their suffering, all on the hands of those feeling so good about themselves because they “helped” bring them into this world whether anyone would be there for them or not. That there is a parent/caretaker to love and care for any of them is not the result of but rather in spite of the pious two-faced liars who left them at the starting gate.

Is it good enough to lawfully force every pregnant woman to bring a child into this world even as there are no provisions for that child’s basic rights OF life? Ah, but we’re only concerned with bringing them TO life and our concern is limited to the child. The mother, and her life, can just piss off then, yes? So what if she dies or is disabled in the process, leaving the child alone in the world. So what if the child dies from or suffers with conditions known about since early on in the pregnancy. So what if both of them die or are disabled. At least the goal of birth was met and as the wants of pro-lifers are so much more important than the needs of any mother or child, woohoo for them.

For the record all ye pro-birth advocates: no one has the right TO life. If that were nature’s way of doing things then miscarriages, stillborns, and any cause of death other than old age would not be. Death is not the worst thing, it is the only inevitable thing. One way or another, like it or not, everyone goes. Once here, we have the right OF life, and for children those rights are quadrupled by mere virtue of their dependence. Pro-birth advocates operate under the mindset that a child’s rights end with their first breath and that from then on they are the “personal responsibility” of someone else, certainly not the responsibility of those who would have forced the birth in the first place.
Regardless of my own personal feelings about abortion, I will remain pro-choice until all the choices are fully realized: universal (as in global) healthcare to include vaccinations and health/reproductive education for all children, alternative and functional living arrangements for all children homeless and/or abused, globally funded food programs to end child hunger, globally funded education through a minimum four years of college, and global protection for all children from abusive and neglectful caretakers and sexual predators.

Anything less isn’t even as good as death.

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Diana is a USMC (ret.) spouse, mother of three and a Wichita, Kansas native. She is back in the United States after 10 years in Germany. She is a contributing author to Holiday Writes. She hates liver & motivational speakers. She loves science & naps.

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