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Oscar-nominated singer/songwriter Elliott Smith died two years ago today.

Remembering Elliott Smith

Singer-songwriter Elliott Smith died on this day (October 21) two years ago at the age of 34. Smith died of stab wounds to the chest. Initial reports suggested suicide as a cause of death however the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Coroner’s Office has not made that finding official.

Smith released his first album, Roman Candle in 1994. He would release a total of five solo albums during his lifetime. He is probably best known for his contributions to the Good Will Hunting soundtrack. One of those songs, “Miss Misery” was nominated for an Oscar (he did not win, the award instead going to Titanic.

One year ago, From a Basement on the Hill was released. It is a collection of the songs Elliott was working on at the time of his passing. Smith intended it to be a double-album however only a single disc was released.

It was reported earlier this week that music from these sessions (and possibly prior to these sessions) was leaked online.

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