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R.E.M. continues re-issue campaign with Reckoning

R.E.M. To Release Remastered, 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Reckoning

Rock and Roll Hall of Famers R.E.M. are releasing a remastered, expanded edition of their second album Reckoning on June 23 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the album's release.

The original 10-track album has been expanded to two discs and is the second album to get the deluxe treatment, following last year's release of a deluxe edition of their debut Murmur.  Disc One of the set will feature the original album, remastered.

DIsc Two will be a live show from the band's tour in support of the album, preformed at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom on July 7, 1984 and broadcast on WXRT.  The full tracklisting for this second disc has not been released so it's not clear if the show is being released in its entirety or if it has been abbreviated.  

Eight of the 10 songs from Reckoning were performed at this show, so it's a decent bet those songs will make this disc.  "Gardening At Night," "Radio Free Europe," "9-9," "Sitting Still," "Driver 8," and "Hyena" are also mentioned by name in the press release announcing the set so those are good bets to be on the disc as well.  Of note are "Driver 8" and "Hyena," neither of which had been released on an album at the time of this 1984 show.

Below is the tracklist for Reckoning, which is confirmed and the entire set list for the Chicago show.  It's not known if all of that will show on the CD, but that's the source of the second disc.

Full Reckoning Tracklist

  1. Harborcoat
  2. 7 Chinese Brothers
  3. So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)
  4. Pretty Persuasion
  5. Time After Time (annElise)
  6. Second Guessing
  7. Letter Never Sent
  8. Camera
  9. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville
  10. Little America

Full Setlist for the Chicago Show

  • Femme Fatale
  • Radio Free Europe
  • Gardening At Night
  • 9-9/Windout
  • Letter Never Sent
  • Sitting Still
  • Driver 8
  • So. Central Rain
  • 7 Chinese Brothers/Voice of Harold
  • Harborcoat
  • Cushy Tush/Behind Closed Doors/Hyena
  • Pretty Persuasion
  • Little America
  • Second Guessing
  • (Don't Go Back To) Rockville
  • King of the Road
  • Walk Don't Run 

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