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The so-called 'Dublin Sessions' will be in stores Oct. 27

R.E.M. To Release Live At The Olympia on Oct. 27

R.E.M. has announced the tracklisting for their second live album, Live At The OlympiaOlympia will be a 2-CD/DVD package (also being released on vinyl) and is set for release October 27.

The best news about Olympia is that it seems the second time will be the charm.  This set, just like their first live album, was recorded in Dublin.  Where their first attempt had its plusses, it was also weighed down by some deficiencies that could have been easily corrected.  This time out, it seems the band has the right idea.

Prior to recording their last studio album Accelerate, they did a brief stand in Dublin to test out the new material and also played songs from their earliest days.  Most of the songs that would appear on Accelerate were attempted and those songs as well as two that didn't make the final album are included on this Olympia set.  In addition, R.E.M. played 29 songs from across their catalog. 

So, how much of that is making it to Olympia?  All of it!  39 songs.  Among the rarities included on this are "Wolves, Lower," "Feeling Gravity's Pull," "Harborcoat," and "West Of The Fields."

Here is the complete tracklisting for Live at The Olympia:

1. Living Well is the Best Revenge
2. Second Guessing
3. Letter Never Sent
4. Staring Down the Barrel of the Middle Distance
5. Disturbance at the Heron House
6. Mr. Richards
7. Houston
8. New Test Leper
9. Cuyahoga
10. Electrolite
11. Man-Sized Wreath
12. So. Central Rain
13. On The Fly
14. Maps and Legends
15. Sitting Still
16. Driver 8
17. Horse to Water
18. I'm Gonna DJ
19. Circus Envy
20. These Days
21. Drive
22. Feeling Gravitys Pull
23. Until the Day is Done
24. Accelerate
25. Auctioneer
26. Little America
27. 1,000,000
28. Disguised
29. The Worst Joke Ever
30. Welcome to the Occupation
31. Carnival of Sorts
32. Harborcoat
33. Wolves, Lower
34. I've Been High
35. Kohoutek
36. West of the Fields
37. Pretty Persuasion
38. Romance
39. Gardening at Night

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