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Rapper Gucci Mane Charged Wtih Murder

I am digging pretty hard on an edited version of rising Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane’s “I’m Icy” on the Big Cat website: a slow, Southern-electro rap with a slight reggae vibe and a killer melodic chorus about being all “icy” and whatnot. Ironically, Mane is joined by rapper Young Jeezy on the tune – ironic because Mane, whose real name is Radric Davis, is now being held on murder charges related to a beef with said Young Jeezy that left one man dead in the woods near a middle school in DeKalb, Georgia.

Mane’s debut album Trap House is scheduled to be released on Big Cat tomorrow, May 24. According to witness accounts given to Mane’s attorney Dennis Scheib, the 25 year-old rapper was visiting a female friend on the night of May 10 when five men stormed into the apartment. The unidentified armed men threatened to shoot the rapper, punched him in the mouth and pistol whipped his friend. Scheib said the witnesses heard a scuffle and gunshots and saw the men flee the apartment, with one asking another, “Are you hit?”

“The one who was hit walked by the witness and ran into the woods while the other three ran the other way and left in a truck,” Scheib told MTV. “My client got in his vehicle and went the opposite way of the man who was shot. The landlord of the place said it looked like a robbery.” The body of Henry Lee Clark III was found three days later.

Scheib said that the evidence he has gathered from witnesses points to the shooting as self-defense. “If it was,” he said, “then why is my client in jail for murder?” mane said he did not know the attackers but believed they were associated with rival rapper Young Jeezy.

“I think police need to look deeper into this case instead of just looking into my client,” Scheib told the AP.

Mane and Young Jeezy had been trading dis records for the past few weeks, allegedly over a feud stemming from their collaboration. Jeezy slapped at Mane in a song called “Stay Strapped,” and Mane returned the favor with “Round One.” Mane said Jeezy, who also raps on the Mane song “Black Tee,” was miffed because he wanted “Icy” for his own upcoming solo debut, Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation Vol. 1. “He’s mad ’cause I ain’t let him put the song on his album,” Mane told MTV. “We was never really cool.”

Mane waived his appearance at a hearing Friday and remains in DeKalb County Jail until a bond hearing.

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