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Conquer the competition by unlocking classic and state-of-the-art vehicles in new challenges like Maniac while enjoying a four-player game mode.

PS2 Review: Burnout Dominator

The latest installment in this popular racing series includes new World Tour mode where the series progresses from classic to factory, then tuned, hotrod, super, race specials and finally dominator. Points amass as you play through each installment in each series (e.g. 500 points for the first series, 1200 for next and so on), where bonuses can provide a lot of help.

Most players can breeze through game play, but if you need training, go to driver details, then extras to view the basic training movie. The World Tour also has an introductory video and in-play breaks to help players.

New elements include specific skill challenges and supercharge boost, which lets you “chain” as you refuel while you burn. Players must continue to supercharge boost (visualized by the blue flame status power in the lower left of the screen) to achieve these consecutive chain burnouts.

Trophies progress from rookie all the way up to dominator, which includes a 15x boost chain. Wow, and I thought my first 4x was outstanding, but the chains actually get easier as you travel. Go after the big chains on the tracks you feel most comfortable driving on, most likely with a lot of straight aways.

A definite focus on rewards and achievements (multipliers help a lot) gets reinforced in the record breaker game mode. The variety of challenges includes drifts (hit your brake around curves) and near misses test specific skills. Chains are hazardous in this mode, but the points can make it worth the risk – plus, that’s the whole point of the game right? Taking some fun risks!

It’s more convenient, and less time consuming to turn off the auto save feature – but remember to go to the Driver Details menu to save (especially after getting additional bonus cars to put in your garage, good for use in multiplayer game mode). You can’t build up bonuses in the fun multiplayer mode, which features split screen for two or party play for four. Too bad you can’t build up bonuses and points in this mode, of course then they would take away from the involving single player mode.

The game gives players more information about unlocking certain areas plus keeps helpful shortcuts open once unlocked. Sharp graphics include more sparks, oil and other effects in the cut scenes – why not include them in the game play carnage? The great sound roars across the speakers as each car has a distinct engine sound.

Burnout Dominator is a great title that has the potential for some very competitive actions and reactions from players who get a solid racing experience. When you’re not playing against others in the multiplayer mode, the rival challenges in the single player mode fuel those competitive fires.

There’s no pinball bumping as in Revenge and previous game files aren’t recognized when you load them on memory cards, but these minor omissions don’t really hurt the overall experience.

Burnout Dominator is rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) by the ESRB for Violence. This game can also be found on: PSP.

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