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The Aggronautix company have just come out with the first female Throbblehead, Wendy O. Williams.

Product Review: Wendy O. Williams “Throbblehead” by Aggronautix

Since launching their Throbblehead series a little over a year ago, the Aggronautix company have immortalized a number of punk rock legends as bobbleheads. Their first (and most popular) target was GG Allin, whose figure sold out almost instantly, and who was revisited a few months later with an “Extra Filthy Bloody Edition.” There were also dolls made of Tesco Vee (The Meatmen), Milo (The Descendents), Joey Shithead (DOA), and a double-headed edition of The Dwarves featuring Blag The Ripper and HeWhoCannotBeNamed.

It took them a while, but the company has finally honored the first lady of punk herself, Wendy O. Williams. As leader of The Plasmatics, Wendy was a one-woman tornado of energy. The group were legendary for their shows, which featured guitars and amps being mutilated by chainsaws, plus TVs and even cars exploding onstage. Wendy often performed topless, with nothing but a bit of electrical tape covering her nipples. A six-inch tall, bright-white mohawk completed the look.

Wendy’s attire was constantly changing, and Aggronautix settled on the W.O.W. look of 1982. It makes sense, as that was probably the band’s biggest year. The Throbblehead catches her in transition from the Metal Priestess era to that of Beyond The Valley Of 1984. The mohawk remained, but she is now sporting a torn leather bra, a leather micro-skirt, spiked elbow pads, and chains. The detail is quite extraordinary, down to the dozens of earrings she wears, and her kohl-rimmed eyes. It all forms an image of serious dementia, which is exactly what Wendy intended.

The figure is a little over six inches tall, and comes in a nice tri-windowed box, perfect for display. When the doll is removed from the molded plastic container, the head bobbles most convincingly. Aggronautix has limited the Wendy O. Williams Throbblehead to 2,000 hand-numbered units. It is a very cool collectible, and my guess is that it will sell out quickly.

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