Friday , February 23 2024
Have a very Cherri Christmas with Stoli.

Product Review: Stoli Wild Cherri Vodka

The makers of Stolichnaya Vodka have added Wild Cherri to their roster of flavors, bringing the number up to twelve alongside Gala Applik and White Pomegranik. It’s 75 proof, which is just slightly less than the 80 proof of the original brand for those who keep track of such things.

On the back of the bottle are recipes to create a Martini and a Mule. The Stolichnaya website offers even more recipes. There is one for a Cosmopolitan and others that suggest substituting Wild Cherri Vodka for the standard base alcohol, such as replacing the rum in a Mojito or a Smash, and the gin or bourbon in a Rickey.

For those bartenders who like to go a simpler route, I very much enjoyed making an alcoholic Cherry Coke. While vodka is not traditionally mixed with cola, the Wild Cherri flavor blends so well, with Coke Zero in this case, it creates a very tasty beverage that is so smooth and flavorful, it could be all sorts of fun and trouble for those who lose count.

The website boasts that “rich vanilla complements a full-bodied cherry taste with notes of red plum for a bit of tartness”. Upon smelling it, the cherry scent reminds me of a similarly flavored medicine. Drank as a shot, the vodka dominates the taste, even when it’s chilled. There are hints of tart plum, which are more noticeable than any cherry flavor. At no time did I notice any rich vanilla.

I recommend Stoli Wild Cherri Vodka this gift giving season, especially if you are out of ideas for what to get me.

1 ½ parts Stoli Wild Cherri
¾ part triple sec
½ part fresh lime juice
½ part cranberry juice

Combine ingredients and shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Serve with a cherry and lime wheel on a cocktail pick.

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  1. This cherry vodka taste just like cherry cough syrup. Its awful.