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A versatile, easy to use flash bracket that will give you many different looks, check out the Ray Flash Rotator by Expoimaging.

Product Review – Ray Flash Rotator

The new Ray Flash Rotator, distributed in the U.S. by Expoimaging is a unique adapter for your hot-shoe flash unit that is designed to let you swing your flash to different positions around the barrel of your camera lens so that you can send the light to different angles around your subject. The Ray Flash Rotator was built to be powered by your existing hot-shoe unit and mounts securely on your camera.

The rotator provides for a complete 360 degree rotation around the barrel of your lens and will give you the ability to control where the light goes and therefore where the shadows appear. This can give you the ability to reduce harsh shadows as well as create dramatic lighting situations.

The Ray Flash Rotator comes in two versions. One for Canon mounts and one for Nikon mounts. This is because it works in tandem with the hot shoe on your camera. It comes with the main rotating unit which attaches to the hot shoe on your camera via a cable. There is a main camera bracket the mounts to your camera body, and three mount attachments that allow you to use it with small, medium, and large camera bodies. You need no tools to assemble it other than a coin to tighten down one screw.

From there you just attach it to your camera via the base mount – it also comes with a body screw that you can use to mount to your tripod as well. Once the Rotator is mounted, you loosen the locking wheel on the rotator unit and rotate your flash to the position that you wish to use.

The Photos I shot at the bottom of this article will give you an idea on how the different positions can change the look and feel of the shot. Everything else remains the same, only the location that the flash unit was positioned. You can see the way the light hits and shadows are created based on the position of the flash on the Rotator.

The only problem that I had with the unit is that I do a lot of multi-flash lighting shots using triggering devices such as PocketWizards. With the Ray Flash Rotator attached to the hot-shoe, you can’t fire a triggering device. Yes, I could use the Canon flash to trigger other Canon flashes in a master/slave combination, but since I have several non-Canon flashes this is just not possible. It would be nice if there was a mount on top of the cable hot shoe unit to pass through the TTL commands giving me that ability.

Other than that the Ray Flash Rotator was very easy to put together and take apart and even easier to use. This will be a very useful attachment for event photographers to get more from the flash units when working the floor. It does add some weight to the camera as well as changing the balance a bit, but not too bad once you get used to it.

At $229.00 USD, the Ray Flash Rotator may not be for the average hobbyist, but for someone who is doing portraits, fashion work, commercial, or wedding photography, this will make for a nice addition to your bag of tricks and will pay for itself many times over. If you are looking versatile, easy to use flash bracket that will give you many different looks, then you really need to check out Ray Flash Rotator

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