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Finally, Milo of the Descendents gets his own Throbblehead!

Product Review: Milo of The Descendents “Throbblehead” by Aggronautix

It was only a matter of time before legendary Descendents vocalist Milo Aukerman would be enshrined as a Throbblehead. The Throbblehead dolls are limited edition bobbleheads of renowned punk rockers. So far, the Aggronautix company has honored GG Allin (twice), Tesco Vee (Meatmen) and Blag Dahlia and HeWhoCanNotBeNamed of The Dwarves (an unprecedented double-headed Throbblehead).

The choice of Milo for the latest edition makes sense, as the Descendents were hugely influential in their time. They were one of the first Southern California bands to fuse unabashed pop hooks to the speed and fury of punk rock. Songs such as “Myage,” “I’m Not A Loser,” and “Catalina,” have been copied many times over the years, but never bettered.

While the Descendents hail from the second wave of punk, based largely in SoCal, the music they were playing was very different than that of Black Flag or The Circle Jerks. Their punk-pop sound can be heard in the music of a multitude of bands, including Nirvana, Green Day and Blink-182.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Descendents’ story is Milo’s parallel career. The 1982 album Milo Goes To College was no joke. The band went on a three-year hiatus while he went to school. Milo eventually received his Ph.D. in biochemistry in between stints with the band.

The packaging and presentation of the the Milo Throbblehead is a little more deluxe than previous editions. The doll itself is 7 ½ inches tall, and features a T-shirt, shorts, and nerd-glasses-clad Milo in his classic onstage pose. The oversized, tri-windowed box it comes in is an excellent display case, and features the iconic Milo drawing from Milo Goes To College.

The Milo Throbblehead is limited to 1000 figures, and if the past is any indication, they will probably sell out pretty quickly. The best place to order is directly from the Aggronautix site itself.

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