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Product Review: i Sync 4 Wireless Trigger/Receiver Strobies From Interfit

The i Sync 4 Wireless Trigger/Receiver Strobies are a transmitter and a receiver set that can be used with your camera and camera flash unit to trigger your flash from a distance of up to 100 feet (30 meters). This allows you to position your off-camera flash in a wide range of situations. By purchasing additional receivers and flashes, you can trigger multiple flashes at the same time quite easily.

In addition, the i Sync 4 has four independent radio channels for use where multiple photographers may be using the same wireless triggers such as at a wedding, on the street, or in other situations. You can set the channel and still keep on shooting without interference from other transmitters.

There are two different ways to trigger your flash unit. Optical triggering is similar to the in-built sync cell on your studio flash and can allow a greater distance to be used when using infrared triggers or even from receiving white light from a second head. This is perfect for extending the range where the flash may not be received by your in built sync cells.

You can also use wireless triggering with the radio trigger hooked to your camera which allows for out of sight flash triggering or around walls including going through most obstacles up to a maximum distance of 100 feet (30 meters). There is a built-in light stand tread on the bottom of each receiver to allow your flash to be stand-mounted. There is also a PC sync cable and socket that is included along with a mono jack converter to fit both large and small jack sync sockets. This allows for connecting to studio lighting. The unit runs on long life lithium batteries which are included.

What is needed to work with i Sync 4 Wireless Trigger/Receiver?

  • A camera with a hot shoe fitting on the top, or in the case of optical, simply your on camera flash unit.
  • You need a flash with a hot shoe attachment.
  • Optionally, you can use studio lighting as well.

What do you get with the i Sync 4 Wireless Trigger/Receiver?

Trigger that is capable of working on four different channels so that if there are other photographers around you won’t have a problem with setting off each other’s receivers. You have an LED confirmation light that assures that it is active. The ability to set it to on, off, or all, a PC socket, and a long life battery that is included.

Receiver that also can be set to one of four different channels, the ability to be set to wireless for use through obstacles or around walls, or to be set to light triggering so that it can be fired through an on camera flash. It comes with sync cables and jacks as well as a pc sync socket. It can be mounted on standard light stands and comes with a long life battery as well.

Additional cables and cords so to integrate with older equipment as well as being able to work with studio lighting.

I took the i Sync 4 Wireless Trigger/Receiver set (along with an extra receiver) and went in search of a lighting situation. In this case we went downtown to a parking garage that had a ledge to position a model. In the first image the model is on the ledge with a phone. We later found a chair to be a better look.

Although it is hard to see, the guy on the right is holding a softbox on a pole to provide the main lighting to the model. Behind the back wall, a 12 inch piece of solid reinforced concrete, is a second flash that is aiming straight up to provide back lighting.

Nothing fancy and there is no other light other than what is coming from the streets. It is about 9:30 at night so it is completely dark. I am shooting with a 200mm lens from about 40 feet away and about 10 feet below. The picture below is one of the results.

For the next image, this was done in a dark covey where the only light was the orange glow from the electric meter. This time the shot was done with just the i Sync 4 Wireless Trigger/Receiver set for the main light and a reflector positioned just below the model’s face for fill. It was so dark that a light had to be shined onto the model’s face to get the camera to focus.

I have done some other tests and found that I had no problem triggering this set at 100 feet as well as through various items and around corners. The quality of the workmanship is extremely nice and the units feel very solid and well made. The receiver comes with a replaceable battery that you have to install. The trigger has one in it, but does not appear to be replaceable. According to Interfit, it is a long life battery.

I was extremely happy with the performance of the i Sync 4 Wireless Trigger/Receiver set and the results that I was able to get from them. By having your flash triggered remotely, you will be able to be much more creative and better results in your work. If you want to work with off camera flash lighting and are considering the i Sync 4 Wireless Trigger/Receiver, I can very highly recommend the set.

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