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Aggronautix posthumously celebrate the life of G.G. Allin with "Throbblehead" doll.

Product Review: G.G. Allin “Throbblehead” by Aggronautix

Legendary Punk Rocker G.G. Allin has been immortalized as a bobblehead doll, and it is one of the strangest pieces of merchandise I have ever come across. The Aggronautix Company are calling the doll a "Throbblehead" and are releasing it in a limited, numbered edition of 2,000 this summer.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the legacy of G.G. Allin, he was one of the most notorious performers to ever grace a stage. He would cut himself, defecate, urinate, and generally pull the most ridiculously outrageous performance stunts ever. He even threatened to commit suicide onstage once, but was stopped by prison terms and his own accidental OD in 1993.

His antics saw most shows being canceled after just a few songs. Allin was convicted of rape in late 1990, and spent the next year and a half in prison. His own, personal description of his music became "Rape Rock."

So G.G. Allin's life is being posthumously celebrated with this seven inch doll. The “Throbblehead” comes complete with blood splatters on the forehead and torso, wearing only a pair of “tighty whities”. The doll comes in a very nice package, encased in a clear molded plastic clamshell, housed inside a three windowed box. Relevant Allin details are printed on the box.

The cult of G.G. Allin is a hard one to explain. Suffice to say that his life was a celebration of sickness and depravity. So, why not release a bobblehead doll of him? It is probably just as appropriate as any of the other bobbleheads out there.

Although the doll is an interesting item, and is clearly being marketed to hardcore Allin fans, his career is an interesting footnote to late ‘80’s-early ‘90’s Punk Rock. Probably the best way to find out what this guy was actually up to is to give his most “famous” record a spin. Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies is the one most people consider his “masterpiece.” The G.G. Allin "Throbblehead" is available online at Aggronautix.

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