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This edition is a smaller version of the original Throbblehead which sold out immediately.

Product Review: GG Allin – 1991 Condensed Carnage Throbblehead by Aggronautix

You really have to hand it to the people at Aggronautix. In a little over a year, they have taken what sounded like a somewhat risky venture, and turned it into a thriving business. The company’s main product are “Throbbleheads.” These are the familiar bobblehead dolls, done up with a punk rock twist. They get the details of their subjects down cold, and release all in a limited edition format, making them instant collectibles.

The first Throbblehead was also the most successful to date. It was of the late great GG Allin, and the initial 2,000-piece run sold out almost immediately. Aggronautix followed GG with Tesco Vee (of The Meatmen), a double-headed Throbble of The Dwarves, Joey “Shithead” Keithley (of DOA), and their first female doll, Wendy O. Williams. All of these have done quite well, and have even allowed the company to branch out into other areas such as DVDs and T-shirts.

None of these has done quite as well as GG Allin though. Around Christmastime 2009, Aggronautix revived him with an “Extra Filthy, Bloody” Edition Throbblehead. It featured “added blood, crud, and cuts” to the original, and was a big hit as well. And now Aggronautix have gone back to the well a third time. They have just issued a “Condensed Carnage” edition of the classic GG Allin, and it looks to sell out just as quickly as the others have.

As the tag Condensed Carnage implies, this is a smaller version of the doll. The original stood seven-inches tall, and the new one is five inches. I have both, and in comparison, the details in the Condensed edition seem much more vivid. All of the GG Allin Throbbleheads are based on the look he was sporting in 1991. He was usually a bloody, cut-up mess, and the Throbbles reflect this. He is also wearing nothing but a jock-strap.

The windowed box that the doll comes packaged in is perfect for display. Once again, Aggronautix have come up with a winner. This edition is limited to 2,500 units, so if you want one, you should probably hurry.

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