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A stimulation beverage in more way than one. Or is it?

Product Review: Fever

Fever is an “all natural, non carbonated, herbal fusion” stimulation beverage, and yes, heh heh heh heh, I wrote “stimulation.” The label on the 14 fl. oz. canister, which serves “about 2” since the serving size is 8 fl. oz., divides the “organically sourced ingredients” into sections: “Energy and Alertness” and “Pleasure, Euphoria and Antioxidant.”

Focusing on the energy aspects, I sampled some Kiwi Strawberry Fever after about a week of late nights into the wee hours and not getting all the sleep I should have. The day in question I stayed about until after two, and overslept my 9:20 a.m. wake-up call by half an hour. I don’t normally drink coffee, so a hot shower and determination is usually all that gets me going. The beverage had a smooth, fruity flavor in pleasant contrast to the harshness of some energy drinks. I noticed a gradual boost and alertness on my drive to work. I didn’t fidget or get the jitters, and there was no crash as the day wore on.

In terms of the second category, I can’t speak to the antioxidant qualities. While sitting at a lunch counter, an attractive woman caught my eye, which isn’t out of the ordinary. For the remaining amount of Fever, I mixed it with two ounces of Skyy Vodka over ice. I felt a mild buzz. No great augmented feeling of pleasure or euphoria, but a few more mixed drinks could well lead that way. I would have this again over any Red Bull/Rockstar concoction, although since the other flavors are Mango Banana and Pineapple Coconut, they might go better with rum.

The company plays up the sex angle, which is certainly nothing new in marketing, but it is a little over the top in an effort to get that guy who actually believes hot women are going to fall all over him once he covers himself in AXE products or orders those speed tablets out of High Times. The descriptions of the ingredients from a theme:

Forcosamide™ is “shown to support healthy behaviors in conjunction with the reproductive system and intimacy for men and women.”

Glycarin™ is “an all-natural, antioxidant-rich, phyto-aphrodisiac based on the latest research into male performance.” It is also “shown to promote healthy bones,” which could be open to interpretation. Heh heh heh heh.

Trillgnol™ is “intended to promote pleasurable thoughts and…is regarded as an energetic, tonic and aphrodisiac for both men and women.”

Pfaffia paniculata Martius Kunz promotes “endurance in healthy intimate behaviors and activity in males and females."

Clavo Huasca is “widely regarded as an libido booster for both men and women.”

Damiana Leaf is an “aphrodisiac-like plant – provides positive effects on…sexual energy-enhancing properties of adaptogens."

And if that weren’t enough, how about this ad featuring Fever-drinker Karen:

Appears my wife is lucky I let her sleep through the night, but I noticed no effects from one serving. Anyone who has testimony of Fever helping with their intimacy or libido, feel free to post or send me testimonials.

Marketing direction aside, I very much recommend Fever. It is a great tasting option when a dose of energy is needed or to keep the party going. Look for it in over 1,000 GNC stores.

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