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With new information in hand we go and take another look at this Bluetooth device.

Product Review: Earloomz Bluetooth Headset Revisited

Several weeks ago I sat down and wrote an article reviewing Earloomz Bluetooth headsets.  In the article I stated that “science will win out over art” and that while Earloomz puts out “attractive” looking headsets, anyone who wanted to actually utilize them as Bluetooth headsets would find themselves mightily disappointed.  This assessment was based on our having received two different Earloomz, neither of which actually functioned.

While I unquestionably stand by my “science will win out over art” sentiment, I need to now slightly adjust my other statement.  As it turns out, what you definitely don’t want to buy from Earloomz, or any retailer selling Earloomz, are the non-production headsets produced either as prototypes or mockups for photo shoots. 

That is right, due to a SNAFU, what we received were not the final product and not what you can go out and buy from retailers (apparently Best Buy has the NBA Earloomz on store shelves right now).  This in fact may the perfect example of “science will win out over art” – the photo shoot Earloomz headset does look fantastic and is very artful, but that is all it does, it is certainly not the headset you’d want to wear to talk to someone via your cell phone. 

The new, actually available for purchase, version of the headset we obtained works like a charm.  It connects easily with all our devices and is instantly up and running (once it’s charged).  Both the speakers and microphone perform as expected, and the four different size earbuds that accompany the headset allow for a good fit.  It also comes with two earhooks, one clear and one black, and while neither feels like a massage, they’re not uncomfortable either.  There is also a lanyard and a USB charging cable in the box (this particular model does not come with an AC adaptor, only the USB cable).  At a weight of 10 grams, the headset feels light on/in the ear and with a reported five hour talk time (120 hour standby) and the ability to connect to two devices, the Earloomz headset meets all our requirements for a Bluetooth headset and is pretty too.

The truth is that our biggest complaint (and it’s a pretty small one) with this final version of the Earloomz Bluetooth headset is that we like to wear it on our left ear and they’re graphically designed to go on the right.  With the current L.A. Lakers headset we have, putting it on our left ear results in the Lakers logo being upside down (we’re not Lakers fans but don’t quite think that the upside down logo would convey that message).  There’s no way to reorient the headset on the left ear so as to make the logo right side up. This was not something we noticed with the first headsets as the skull and crossbones looked the same either way and we’re not big enough Trekkies to know which side of the new logo is the right side and which is the left.

What then has this whole lesson taught us?  What have learned from this?  Well, we started with the statement that science will win out over art, but think that perhaps we need to end with more of a techie/computer science phrase – GIGO.  Science will win out over art, but sometimes art puts up a good (and long) fight.  What science and people won’t ever be able to do is give a good, accurate, correct answer in the face of bad data (garbage in, garbage out).  I hope that I did not lead you too far astray with the first review of the Earloomz Bluetooth headset, a device which turns out to not only look good but one which also functions quite well.

Now I just need to find a final version of the Star Trek headset and I’ll be happy.

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