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A great choice to add to your culinary arsenal.

Product Review: Cholula Hot Sauce 4-pack

Recognized by its distinctive carved wooden cap, Cholula earns its nickname “Flavorful Fire” because unlike some hot sauces, it does more than just raise the temperature. It brings the heat in a satisfying way as the Original flavor delivers an enjoyable spicy pepper taste. According to their website, they do this with a recipe that “blends pequin peppers, red peppers and spices in a delicate process.” To give a sense on how hot the sauce is, pequin peppers rank 3,600 Scoville units, which measures the amount of capsaicin. It is made in Chapala, Mexico, near Guadalajara and comes in 12oz, 5oz and 2oz sizes.

There are three additional options that offer delicious flavors, although they do seem to lower the heat quotient and are only available in 5oz sizes. Chili Lime blends the Original’s pepper flavor with a splash of lime. It has a nice fragrance and goes very well on fish tacos. Chili Garlic has a strong garlic flavor and then the heat, the strongest of any of the flavors, follows. I enjoyed cooking with this, using it to augment Hawaiian pizza. While Chipotle didn’t taste like the original, it had a wonderful smoky flavor, although it didn’t have much heat at all.

Cholula has a very good online presence. Their website offers many ways to access the product. There is a store locator to see where it is being sold, there’s a restaurant finder for a nearby establishment that uses the product, and an online store to get it sent to your doorstep. They offer nutritional information about the sauces and recipes that range from entrees to drinks. Some of the recipes are accompanied by videos of chefs making the dishes. They also have a Facebook page where likeminded folks meet up.

For those who like to kick the heat up a notch, Cholula Hot Sauce is a great choice to add to your culinary arsenal.

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