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It's definitely a gripping, intense, climatic, yet emotional episode; lines are drawn and the players firmly decide which side they're on: good or evil.

Preview: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season Two Finale – Brace Yourselves

Awakening-Banner_128This season Sleepy Hollow has had its ups and downs, both on and off screen as fans have clamored for a return to the show’s original formula of “Team Witness.”  After hearing the outcry, producers scrambled to rearrange things, and now as the season comes to an end, the series will change once more.  When I spoke to Tom Mison a few weeks ago and asked him what he could tell fans about the finale he said, “Brace Yourselves.”

It’s been a tumultuous year for the series, especially as fans debated about whether Nicole Beharie’s (Abbie Mills) character had taken a back seat to the “Crane family drama.”  While personally I do not believe this to be entirely true (except for “Deliverance”), I do agree that favorites Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills) and Orlando Jones (Frank Irving) were relegated to the background during the first half of the season with the introduction of new character, Nick Hawley (Matt Barr).  The plan had been to create a love triangle between Abbie, Hawley, and Jenny, but when it was revealed that Hawley and Jenny had some type of previous relationship, “Sleepyheads” (nickname name for fans) gave the idea a thumbs down, quickly expressing their distaste for it.

Upon its return from winter break, the series hit the ground running, immediately seeing the error of its ways by firmly placing Hawley with Jenny.  Irving, who’d met his demise at the hands of the Horseman of War’s avatar, had been resurrected, although Henry (John Noble) still controls his soul.  And as far as the show’s dynamic duo Ichabod and Abbie, we’ve seen more of them  and less of Crane’s family. And, Ichabbie’s (fandom smush name for Ichabod and Abbie) partnership appears to be going through growing pains as it evolves.

If I had to describe the season with one word it would be- choices. Whether it was Abbie refraining from telling Ichabod about the charm she received from the rebel angel Orion (Max Brown), Abraham’s (Neil Jackson) choice to continue on his path of jealousy, Katrina’s (Katia Winter) unwavering belief that Henry could be saved no matter how it impacted the Witness’s mission or Ichabod’s attempt to keep his marriage on track, all decisions came with a price.  Trust was tested, bonds strained and ultimately relationships were altered forever.

This week Henry is at it again with the black Grimoire in hand, and hoping to awakeHenryn witches within Sleepy Hollow that have lain dormant after their ancestors were forced into exile.  How does he plan to do this? By using the town’sLiberty Bell reproduction. Though he attempts to bring forth the army, Henry’s not strong enough, so goes to the one person who is…Katrina! Of course, once Ichabod and Abbie get wind of Henry’s plan they decide destroying the bell is the best course of action.

It’s definitely a gripping, intense, climatic, yet emotional episode; lines are drawn and the players firmly decide which side they’re on: good or evil.  There’s a surprising shootout between Jenny and Irving, a devastating explosion involving Abbie, and a moment that had been a long time coming.

Throughout the episode it’s clear that the writers are cleaning up the Crane family drama mess. The damsel-in-distress Katrina is no more, as she fully embraces using dark magic, and Henry’s plan to raise the Coven in town where they can finally be with their “own kind.”

Since Katrina had been released from Purgatory she’s hasn’t adapted to the 21st Century, clearly missing her era. I wish the writers had laid the foundation a little better for her descent to the dark side, although I understand they had very few episodes to work with. She doesn’t struggle too much when Henry explains his plans for them.  Apparently he’s had a change of heart where his mother is concerned, though irrationally still seethes with hate for Ichabod. Katrina, who has longed to connect with her son, quickly switches her allegiance in favor of a future with Henry.

There is a fantastic scene between Tom Mison and John Noble, with the two actorsdeliverance fully engaging with fantastic conviction expressed through their characters’ words.  It’s reminiscent of their incredible scene in “Deliverance,; when Irving tricks Henry into showing up at Tarrytown Psychiatric so Ichabod can have a chat with his son. It’s like watching a great sonnet come to life in front of your eyes.

In addition, Katia Winter delivers her best performance of the season; Katrina does a complete 180 in her relationship with Ichabod. It’s a scary moment, and the first time I really could see the malice burning deep within he, an element the character has needed for quite sometime. Having said that, again, I wish we’d have seen more buildup of her inner turmoil.

I absolutely love, love, loAwake6ve the scene towards the end of the episode that parallels the pilot. It brings everything full circle and sets the tone for the finale episode, which I cannot wait to see!

Len Wiseman returns for the finale episode “Tempus Fugit” to direct the war sequence as he had in the series opener.  If you recall, the opening sequence begins in the midst of the Hudson Valley battle between British soldiers and rebel Colonists in 1781.  Ichabod is searching for a bow branded onto the hand of the Hessian soldier George Washington ordered him to kill.

Katrina travels back to 1781, and unbeknownst to her, Abbie accidentally is sucked into the portal, presenting a her with a very disturbing predicament.  The one thing she has, is information that can change the course of the war, but she won’t talk to anyone except Captain Ichabod Crane!  The tables are turned, and Abbie must convince him who she is, that they know each other.  Question is, will he take that leap of faith, believe and trust her as she has in the 21st Century? Can they find their way back to the future (pun intended)? And how will their actions in the past affect their future?  It all remains to be seen.

Over the course of two seasons, Ichabod and Abbie have gone through so much together, their bond tested while feelings for each other has slowly bubbled to the surface. Tom Mison had this to say in his interview with TV Guide about the finale, “It’s all about Abbie. He’s completely in love with her.” If this is the case, I think we’re in for one hell of a final moment as season two concludes and I for one cannot wait!  Ichabbie hug

No matter how crazy this season as been, when I look back, I can’t deny how much fun I’ve had covering this show.  With all the ups and downs, fan events, twitter wars, campaigns to save it, for me Sleepy Hollow will always have a special place in my heart.  My hope is that the Sleepyhead fandom can convince FOX Network to give it another season because it deserves it. The chemistry between Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie is gold, not mention Lyndie Greenwood and Orlando Jones.  The entire cast and crew really have shown that they care about what they’re creating, about the fans and I have confidence we’ll see much more of them in the years to come.

*Don’t miss part one of the season two finale, “Awakenings”, Monday, February 16 and part two “Tempus Fugit”, Monday, February 23 at 9pm on FOX!

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