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Post-Gencon Report: ‘The Nuadan Chronicles’

As I perused the various booths in the main Exhibit Hall at Gencon 2018, I came across the Broken Dice Publishers booth. They were showing off their currently under development RPG by the name of The Nuadan Chronicles. From what I understand, The Nuadan Chronicles combines magic and technology in an interesting and unique backdrop. Combined with gorgeous artwork, it seems like it could shape up to be a real experience worth having.

I asked about some specifics of the system, especially the combat system (and how it differs from the usual roll to do one thing systems that are prevalent in many RPGs). Players will have action points that they can spend on their turns to purchase attacks, movement, and other abilities. Players will also have a single reaction that they can use off-turn which should allow for some counter-tactics.

The magic system is much more unique. From what I heard, magic users will learn ‘words’ as they adventure through the world. These words apply either to a spell effect, or a delivery method for such an effect. A player may cast a spell by using ‘throw’ and ‘lightning,’ which would allow them to throw lightning bolts, or ‘touch’ and ‘heal’ which would let them heal someone they touch.

The game is currently in late-alpha development according to the publishers. Interested parties can sign up for the newsletter on the website to gain access to the playtest, which should be released sometime this month. The game is slated to launch on Kickstarter early in 2019.

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