Sunday , December 2 2018
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Homeowners pissed.

Poop Pops From Pasadena Pipes

One is reminded of Ghost Busters:

    Raw waste rushing through a city sewer line backed up into homes, blowing open toilet lids, filling bathtubs and damaging at least seven homes.

    Waste began rushing into toilets and drains at about noon Saturday after city workers unblocked a clogged sewer line, city street supervisor Leo Alamillo said.

    “It was like a volcano out of the commode,” Mario Duenas told the Pasadena Star-News.

    His wife, Janice, said she ran into the bathroom and held down the toilet lid, but her legs were still covered with sewage. The couple estimated it would cost more than $5,000 to clean their home.

    In another house, sewage soaked carpets and nearly filled an 18-inch-deep bathroom tub. [fromm CNN]

Are we sure it wasn’t terrorism, biological warfare of the most insidious nature? Imagine the psychological impact: our 3 year-old is just adapting to the “big potty” – if she had been on the receiving end of this explosion it would have been training pants for life.

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