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An average PSN update, unless Qore is fantastic. A demo, a football GM sim and a Haze pack join Qore.

PlayStation Network Update: 09/04/2008

Yawn! Sorry, I tried to stay awake to write about this week's PSN update last night, but just couldn't muster the excitement.

We have the newest episode of Qore available for giant download, then an unnecessarily long install. I am interested in everything listed as content this week (except for the pay for access demo…sheesh), but last month's Qore was so bad I am adopting a wait and see attitude.

We have the NFL Head Coach 09 game from EA, which can be had much cheaper if you buy the collector's edition of Madden 09, but here it is as a separate download. I am not a football guy so I have nil interest in this. The other baffling game-type playable thing is the 10 dollar Haze destruction pack…10 bucks!! The game was universally panned as mediocre and other better games like Army of Two and Kane and Lynch (not much better, but better) had free multiplayer add-ons; no logic here at all.

There is a big demo this week in the form of Pure. I am not a big offroad racing fan so it is not quite my cup of tea, but I know many people are excited for this one. Hopefully it looks and plays as good as they say.

On the multimedia front we have many videos looking at titles like JEOPARDY!, Super Stardust HD, PAIN, Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway, Legendary, Midnight Club Los Angeles, Red Baron Arcade and Saints Row 2. We also have trailers for The Ultimates, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist and The Fall. Finally there are more wallpapers looking at the quirky The Last Guy.

An average month, we are still awaiting Life with PlayStation (now two months late) and of course the many PS1 titles and PSN games we are all excited about. Deets are below.

Qore Digital Magazine

Qore Episode 04: September, 2008 ($2.99 Issue, $24.99 Annual Subscription)
Episode 04 of Qore: Presented by the PLAYSTATION Network explores a number of upcoming games, including LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and Prince of Persia, it also includes 30-day exclusive access to the MotorStorm: Pacific Rift demo (scheduled to be available 9/11/08), some great artwork and a new mini-game.
File size: 1.54 GB

Downloadable Games

NFL Head Coach 09 ($49.99)
Brought to you by EA SPORTS, NFL Head Coach 09 gives you the opportunity to make all the decisions that win championships. You can scout players, draft players, sign free agents, chose gameplans, create plays, hire assistant coaches and make all the critical calls to build your favorite franchise into a perennial champion.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 4.84 GB

Add-on Game Content

HAZE Destruction Pack ($9.99)
Discover 7 exclusive multiplayer maps and a totally new team game mode: the Capture and hold mode.
File size: 256 MB

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

* “Skullcrusher Mountain” – Jonathan Coulton ($0.99)
* “Shhh….” – The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets ($0.99)
* “Livin’ at the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe” – MC Frontalot ($0.99)
* PAX Pack 1 ($2.99) – includes “Shhh….” by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, “Livin’ at the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe” by MC Frontalot, and “Skullcrusher Mountain” by Jonathan Coulton.

File sizes: 29.7 MB – 38.8 MB (singles), 98.2 MB (track pack)

Game Demos (free)

PURE is an action sports trick racing game that features vertigo-inducing massive aerial jumps and spectacular airborne tricks in photo-realistic real-world locations all over the globe. Download and play the demo now to truly experience the exhilaration of PURE.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 1.24 GB
Game Videos (free)

Experience the excitement and fun of America’s Favorite Quiz Show, JEOPARDY!, in this brand new trailer. Featuring a photorealistic 3D set and clues from the producers of the T.V. show, players can compete in solo mode or challenge a friend to a battle of the brains. Be the first to buzz in and vie to become a JEOPARDY! champ!
File size: 19 MB (SD), 78 MB (HD), 99 MB (1080)

Super Stardust HD Tips Video 1
Want some top secret advice to help you become a world-class Super Stardust HD player and earn those hard-to-get Trophies? Then check out some hot Arcade Mode tips and tricks from one of the best Super Stardust HD players on the planet. Download this video today to see one of the pick up special insider knowledge on weapon upgrades, bonus tokens, combo scores and much more!
File size: 218 MB (HD)

Super Stardust HD Tips Video 2
Get ready for some top-notch advice to help you become an all-time elite Super Stardust HD player. Download this trailer for expert tips and tricks at becoming a pro at the Solo add-on pack modes, as shared by one of the best Super Stardust HD players on the planet!
File size: 169 MB (HD)

PAIN Call Da Shot Mode Video
In Call Da Shot Mode, you create a list of objects your opponents must hit in a single launch, then bet on whether or not they can pull it off. Careful, though – make it too hard, and they’ll make you eat it, which means YOU have to pull off the shot. “Call Da Shot” is one of six modes included in the PAIN Amusement Park add-on environment.
File size: 50 MB (HD)

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway – Making Of #3: Counter Attack
Download now to learn about the cool new features in Hell’s Highway, such as destructible cover, tank driving, a gore system, and a dig-in cover system.
File size: 63 MB (SD), 232 MB (HD), 319 MB (1080)

Legendary Behind the Scenes Episode 1
Watch the first in a series of behind the scenes trailers on the making of Legendary, a first person shooter based on an all-out war between man and mythology. In this first episode, we meet the developers and learn about the world of Legendary and the forces battling in it.
File size: 193 MB (HD)

Midnight Club Los Angeles Trailer 2
The best way to see Los Angeles is at 245 mph. Illegal street racing with no track, no load times and no rules. The next iteration of the highly acclaimed Midnight Club racing franchise is coming October 7 2008.
File size: 43 MB (HD)

Midnight Club Los Angeles Trailer 3
Feel the speed of the Audi R8 and witness the world’s fastest tour of Los Angeles in Trailer 3. The next iteration of the highly acclaimed Midnight Club racing franchise is coming October 7, 2008.
File size: 49 MB (HD)

Red Baron Arcade Trailer

Engage in the ultimate World War I arcade flight-shooter Red Baron Arcade. Grab the flight stick of 20 historic WWI planes and battle countless enemies including huge zeppelins, powerful battleships and authentic WWI aircraft in over 36 varied levels. Fight against intense computer AI in the single player missions or wage war against 7 other aspiring “Aces” online. Download this exciting trailer now!
File size: 49 MB (HD)

Saints Row 2 – Uncle Gary Motorcycles Trailer
Five years have passed since your crew betrayed you. Seek revenge and reclaim your throne as the rightful king of Stilwater.
File size: 65 MB (HD)

Saints Row 2 – Uncle Gary Taunting Trailer
Five years have passed since your crew betrayed you. Seek revenge and reclaim your throne as the rightful king of Stilwater.
File size: 78 MB (HD)

Movie and Blu-ray Trailers (free)

The Ultimates Featurette
Interviews with the writer and artist of the “The Ultimates” discuss the origin and nature of the Ultimate Avengers comic book characters including Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Mick Fury, Giant Man, and Wasp.
File size: 471 MB (SD)

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist Trailer
Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist is a comedy about two people thrust together for one hilarious, sleepless night of adventure in a world of mix tapes, late-night living, and live, loud music.
File size: 32 MB (SD), 108 MB (HD), 165 MB (1080)

The Fall Trailer
The unlikely friendship between a 5-year-old girl and a Hollywood stuntman creates a dazzling world of magic and myth – changing both their lives forever.
File size: 95 MB (HD), 126 MB (1080)

PS3 Wallpaper (free)

The Last Guy Wallpaper
Customize the background of your PS3 system with this new The Last Guy Wallpaper.
File sizes: 170 KB – 548 KB

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