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This latest crime game installment has top to bottom tactics, recruitment and family management thanks to the "Don's View."

PlayStation 3 Review: The Godfather II

This film adaptation game series offers a new “Don’s View” management feature that gives you unique and total control of your mob empire, including the illegal financial activities. Game play is based on actions, not item grabbing, where people follow your lead. This power of choice puts you in lead role control on overall fronts as well as specific elements.

You won’t have to worry about hurting your crew with friendly fire, but you should delegate simple tasks to them and keep them well balanced. The high content and optional scenarios, mainly managed in the Don’s View, won’t overwhelm you thanks to helpful hints and continuing advanced tutorials. This essential help also gives you a handle on the financial management tasks.

Dialogue responses, expanding combat/weapons, contracting killers and even hiring guards are just some involving activities you can accomplish throughout three large urban settings. You get several different ways to make money (bank heists, etc.) and use your power (bribes, calling in favors, etc.) as you simulate the crime rings.

Efficiently planned takeovers spread your empire further faster. Strong-arm tactics are fine, but playing the numbers game in your head can increase interest while producing even more satisfying scenarios. Formulas and strategies can be tested against rivals at any time, so experiment on the large and small scale. Assassinations require that you gather necessary intel to rid top rivals for good. Existing knowledge of the film characters and families can save some time.

The single player mode puts you on the promotional path to control your mob family recruitment choices and mob family tree. Recruitment works well and makes sure you’re not just getting the guy who has the most bloodlust brutality and the least amount of fear. Players can choose from different skill sets and personalities including arson, fighting, demolitions, robbery, healing and engineering…yes, even the mob needs these high tech skills for savvy strategy moves and special sabotage.

After being promoted by Michael Corleone, the game play, set in third person perspective, expands even further to online modes, which accommodate as many as 16 players. Rewards earned (or lost) affect your single player campaign tallies. You must acquire then play at least one “made man” in the online mode, which a great way to test your individual strategies and skills against others.

The game still has some clipping issues, needs graphic improvements and your followers can’t get in your vehicle sometimes. You can’t skip most cutscenes, so why not make some that trigger during big events when main rivals move against you? This possible element could change the pace while adding some unpredictability and extra excitement in the next Godfather III installment. Overall, this game has everything action gamers could want such as endless power struggles, intimidation tactics, constant crime fantasy and eclectic weapon varieties.

The Godfather II is rated M (Mature) by the ESRB for Blood, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Themes and Strong Language. This game can also be found on: PC and Xbox 360.

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