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Expanded online play, new characters, and immense content all exist in the latest Tekken iteration.

PlayStation 3 Review: Tekken 6

The always entertaining Tekken action game series continues with more than 40 fighters and a new scenario mode. The gameplay is balanced and each character is given his or her own story (with positive and negative elements) among several game modes.

The arena mode contains the main storyline play while the campaign mode covers the overall story about the usual "evil corporation seeking to take over the world." Naturally, players quell this crisis by succeeding in a fighting tournament. Two new characters, Alisa Bosconovitch and Lars Alexandersson, add some freshness to the proceedings, but the story still entertains, including the initial plotline shown in black and white.

The visuals are top-notch, but the backgrounds are often better than the characters, especially as clipping and choppy interactions occur at times. The characters speak various languages, reflecting the international scope, while the music predictably includes fast-paced rock montages. Loading times are not an issue if the game is fully installed on the PlayStation 3.

Time attacks, survival, ranked matches, and the new scenario campaign – the gateway mode to the arena mode – are also included in the game. Scenario campaign advancement unlocks characters and allows some cool character customization with earned cash. The online mode features open voice chat, headset compatibility, leader boards, and ranked matches ranging from beginner to "Tekken God." There is also going to be a scenario online co-op download update including two player online co-op campaigns against AI-controlled enemies coming soon.

Players can get a jump on the online competition with the ghost feature, which allows players to upload characters even when players are not online. Players can also watch matches offline for additional training pointers.

Advanced players can delve into the combination fighting while beginners can discover the mechanics through the intuitive gameplay. Tekken 6 has no formal tutorial so the learning curve mainly includes get the timing down and learning each character’s moves – a time intensive and entertaining journey. The combination attacks and basic fighting moves advance with the additional rage system which allows for extra power and a bounce feature for big return combo attacks.

Fighters wield guns, swords, and chainsaws, but they are mainly for show and only a little bit for action since the violence content does not include blood or gore. Some revealing outfits and mild language are other content factors one might want to consider when thinking about purchasing the game. The dual shock vibrations add some extra oomph as well.  Overall, this is a great fighting game where the immense content and customization overtake the noticeable graphic issues. There is a premium wireless fight stick bundle also available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. And, there may even be a possible Tekken movie in the offing next year.

Tekken 6 is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB for alcoholic reference, crude humor, mild language, suggestive themes and violence. This game can also be found on PSP and Xbox 360.

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