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PlayStation 3 Review: MotoGP 09/10

Once again, it’s time to visit the tried-and-true tradition of racing. While there are some folks out there might think that the age-old custom of motorized vehicles endlessly pursuing one another for hours on end would become insanely boring after all these years, it is obvious that video game manufacturers do not fall into that category of individuals. As a matter of fact, Capcom’s MotoGP 09/10 promises the world when it comes to Grand Prix motorcycle racing. But does it deliver such?

Well, it certainly does deliver in terms of visuals, music, and sound effects. The rest of the game’s attributes are debatable as far as I’m concerned. Frankly, the whole thing just seems like a trumped-up arcade game to me.

The third chapter in Capcom’s MotoGP legacy, MotoGP 09/10 offers its regular players a few upgrades in terms of gameplay. One of these new features is Career Mode, wherein the player (you) gets to control his/her track star’s progress into the limelight. Hire a PR person. Recruit a squad of engineers to develop the latest in Vroom-Vroom Technology. And, most importantly, squeeze every drop out of your sponsors as possible. But, be careful: failure to keep your new slave masters content may result in a lack of funds.

Three different types of bikes — 125cc, 250cc, and 800cc — are available (or at least become available) throughout the game. Participants can choose from four levels of difficulty (ranging from “Gentle” to “Insane”) for single player mode, challenge an in-house opponent to a run around the track, or go online and immerse themselves in multiplayer mode, where as many as 20 contestants can compete head-to-head from all over the world.

Earn a reputation for yourself: show off like the two-wheelin’ media whore that you are on the track — or lose your rep by proving to everyone that you can‘t ride a bike to save your life. Choose your team’s color schematics and proceed to pimp the hell out your entire team with matching outfits and vehicles. You can also take a well-known professional rider into the 2010 MotoGP season via a Season Download, or hop onboard for a quickie via Arcade Mode.

It’s the latter option that I don’t get. “Arcade Mode.” The whole damn game is in Arcade Mode as far as I’m concerned. Sure, we get to develop the career of our rider. Yes, we can play against 19 other couch potatoes from anywhere else on the planet. But, when you stop being blown away by the High Def presentation of MotoGP 09/10, it becomes rather apparent that — even though everything clearly indicates that this is a PS3 game — you really can’t help by wonder where the quarter slot is.

Sorry, Capcom, but this is just another racing game to me.

Motorcycle racing enthusiasts, on the other hand, will probably enjoy it a lot more.

MotoGP 09/10 is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB. This game can also be found on Xbox 360.

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