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This installment has more humor and even a female interest through an eclectic character cast plus an outstanding multiplayer mode.

Playstation 3 Review: Battlefield: Bad Company – Gold Edition

Electronic Arts boost the comedy and multiplayer mode in this enjoyable war FPS loaded with bonus content. The exclusive content in this Gold Edition includes eight helpful tutorial videos, behind-the-scenes featurettes plus a cache of weapons in each of the five weapon kit categories that usually appear at level 25, the highest level in multiplayer mode.

This Battlefield installment puts more humor and even a female interest in the field through an eclectic character cast of the 222nd Army battalion. The primary character, Preston Marlowe, carries on an important family tradition of military service while Sergeant Redford can’t wait to get out. Sweetwater is the technical and communications specialist who didn’t think he would see actual fighting and the boastful Haggard is the explosives expert.

This band of brothers go for treasure hunting amidst a war with Russian baddies to ensure their personal futures. The motion capture technology on the characters captures the movements very well, which supports a decent storyline that still allows players to have free roaming game play.

Players choose among the following weapon kit categories: Assault – (a well rounded choice) demolition (close combat and anti-vehicle), reconnaissance (long range combat), specialist (close combat), and support (healing, repairs and inventory). A combat knife is the melee weapon for every category, plus many categories have some very desirable, unlockable weapons.

Players can reach their objectives (shown as red triangles) several different ways with various movements including sprinting (L3) and of course, crouching (R3). Players using stealth tactics will find considerable AI challenges. The fact that most environments have mostly destructible elements encourages players to let loose and use their wide range of weapons which heighten the action even more. Players also need a decent amount of ammunition for gun battles, so don’t forget those secondary weapons, explosive options (press the square button after placing C4 to deploy multiple charges) or even the knife (triangle button) on close encounters.

The detailed settings are filled with several characters plus new water, air and land roving vehicles bolster the high quality graphic palette. The five types of vehicles include soft armor, light, medium, heavy and attack helicopters. For travelling accompaniment, players can press the down button to go through radio channels. Stationary vehicles and weapons can also be very helpful in battle. Players can enjoy playing taxi service by picking up people (check the mini map) – a nice addition that offers incentive through more support action when players get tired of shooting. All this kinetic eye candy creates a memorable, customizable experience, which makes a high replay value. Mikael Karlsson composes a great musical score that fits the characters’ antics perfectly.

With online support for up to 24 players and almost entirely destructible settings, the multiplayer mode definitely takes center stage. Gold Rush entertains with attack or defend options for more gold grabbing fun. Players also deploy smoke (R2) in the very durable tanks plus players can take screen shots by hitting the up directional button in the multiplayer mode. Custom matches and squad invites (up to three friends) provide the icing on this substantial cake.

Battlefield: Bad Company – Gold Edition is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB for alcohol reference, strong language and violence. This game can also be found on Xbox 360.

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