Tuesday , August 16 2022

Pete Yorn –Day I Forgot

I am a huge fan of Pete Yorn’s first CD, Music For The Morning After an eclectic mixture of rootsy rock and folky ballads, but having only heard the recent single off of his latest one, I will let the reviewers speak for me. If looks and sex appeal count though, he gets an A++++. I found not one bad review, so buy it already.

ModernRock“Overall, Yorn has created and emotionally charged pop rock album that is one of the best sophomore albums to date.”
StarTribuneAfter releasing one of the finest recordings of 2001 with his debut, “Musicforthemorningafter,” Yorn has steered clear of a sophomore slump with this hard-rocking follow-up.”

TechTV – A Mini Interview“He’s the real deal — the kind of guy who dives deep into his work and does it the old-fashioned way: by himself.

Canoe – JamAlbums“And while that gets a bit old after a while — like the prom king complaining the head cheerleader dumped him — Yorn’s considerable talent and songcraft help Day I Forgot stick in your mind.”

Tampa Tribune“This disc finds Pete Yorn as earnest as ever and even more adept at mixing traditional singer-songwriter sounds with rock and Brit pop.”

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