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Pete Doherty's run of second chances continues.

Pete Doherty – Still Not Going to Jail

Pete Doherty, formerly of The Libertines and currently heading Babyshambles, has again avoided jail time for drug-related offenses according to

Doherty was in court this morning for sentencing after pleading guilty last month to seven charges.

Doherty will be on probation and must continue in a court-monitored rehabilitation program and will not be permitted to drive for six months.

Doherty is again due in court May 12 after failing to make a scheduled appearance last week.

Doherty’s scrapes with the law have become more regular than his appearance on stage. He is probably best known in America for his on-again, off-again relationship with supermodel Kate Moss. His problems with drugs have been well chronicled throughout his career, beginning with the Libertines and continuing on to the present day. In between the string of arrests and stints in rehab, Doherty has had to cancel as many (if not more) gigs than he has appeared at.

His debut album with current band Babyshambles, Down in Albion, was finally released in the US within the last month. It has been available in the UK since late 2005.

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