Wednesday , May 29 2024

Pay No Attention to Those Smoldering Ruins Behind the Curtain

Saddam Hussein – alive, injured or dead – is trying to revive his hold on power by broadcasting lies so outrageous that the only possible net result will be even less public confidence in his regime. When people hear something on the TV that is contradicted by their eyes, ears, nose, and brains, even the most brainwashed automaton begins to smell what the cruise missiles are cooking.

Listen to the humbug:

    The Iraqi regime asserted battle successes and maintained Saddam Hussein and his sons had “the aggression” in hand.

    ….Iraqi state television – in an effort to show that the regime is firmly in control – showed what it said was footage of Saddam chairing meetings Saturday with senior government ministers and with his son Qusai.

    The report said the meetings dealt with “the aggression.” The report said Saddam and the others reviewed the situation in Umm Qasr, al-Rumeila, al-Faw and Nasiriyah – places where U.S.-led coalition troops have battled Iraqi troops.

    “They expressed their satisfaction with the heroic stance of the armed forces,” the TV report said.

    The Iraqi military spokesman appeared on TV to read a communique on the day’s fighting. He maintained Iraqi air defenses shot down 21 cruise missiles on Saturday.

    ….Also Saturday, Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf addressed the Iraqi people, claiming that the government had repulsed the U.S.-British attacks, destroying five tanks in the process. He also said captives taken by coalition troops were civilians, not Iraqi soldiers.

    “Baghdad will remain with its head held high,” Al-Sahhaf said. “The Baghdad of Saddam will remain defiant.”

    ….Despite the apparent setbacks, Saddam’s regime was taking a hard line – denying military setbacks and verbally attacking its enemies in a show of public resolve. Al-Sahhaf lashed out at the allies early Saturday.

    “They are a gang of war criminals … international bastards,” he said. “They lie day and night. They are not human.” [AP]

As that judge with the first name says: “don’t crap in my cup and tell me it’s creme de cacao,” or something like that.

With buildings vaporizing hither and yon, Iraqi troops surrendering en masse, American special forces materializing in closets like Monsters Inc, the people know a new wind is blowing no matter what the TV tells them. The more the disinformation on the tube is invalidated by reality, the sooner the people will tune out and draw their own conclusions.

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