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The Omegathon, liveblogged in all it's insane glory.

PAX East 2012 Liveblog: Omegathon Final Round and Closing Ceremony

At every PAX random attendees are pre-selected to compete in the Omegathon for terrific prizes and infamy. The tournament stretches across all three days with the final round being performed live in front of all the PAX goers. The details right from the organizers:

“This year’s secret final round will be very cool I think. I don’t want to give too much away but how about a hint?

“We had custom equipment built

“chew on that for a bit.”

The final 4 Omeganauts. TWO SHALL WIN!’

Read on as I have liveblogged the event in all its insane glory; the Liveblog took place at 5:30 PM Sunday April 8th.

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