Sunday , January 29 2023
A liveblog of the opening Keynote for PAX East featuring Jane McGonigal.

PAX East 2011 Liveblog: Jane McGonigal Keynote

The Keynote at PAX East this year will be presented by Jane McGonigal. You may know her work from the I Love Bees ARG that launched with a little game called Halo 2. You may also have seen her TED speech or read her book (Reality is Broken) where she describes gamers as being uniquely equipped to save the world. She’s super-smart and has a lot of really interesting things to say about how gaming can change our world for the better.

This liveblog will follow the conversation presented by Jane McGonigal as she discusses gamer culture and how being a gamer can change the world. The liveblog will begin at 10:30AM EST on Friday March 11th.

UPDATE 10:45am – The line to enter the keynote address has exceeded expectations, but we still fully expect to cover the event.

UPDATE 11:07am – Despite our based laid plans and waiting in line for an extensive period to get into the keynote, the event has been declared full. We apologize for any inconvenience and will continue our coverage of other events at PAX East.

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