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Ozzfest 2003

My son Chris wrote this review – I forgot to post it, like a douchebag.

On Tuesday the 22nd of July I went to the concert event of the summer, Ozzfest, at Blossom near Cleveland. That was the greatest day in my 16 years of life. I had many new expieriences.

My day started off by hooking up with friends at the rows of shops and games with a slightly different twist to them: like beat the heckler in the face with a saturated toy ball.

Then I ventured over to the stand called “Kick me in the f’ing head, bee-otch.” The rules were simple you give the attendent a dollar, if you are a female you can flash him, then you try to kick a soccer ball at the guy’s head. There was another stand where you could clock your pitching speed and practice your hitting (completely complimentary, I might add).

From there it was off to the second stage where the bands rocked, especially Endo, where I had my first moshpit and crowd surfing expierience. Endo was pumping out the beats from there latest cd Songs for the Restless. Their best song was “Ruckus” off the new album.

I was launched by my friend into the pit and was soon knocked down and two bodies smashed my head like a pancake and I recieved an elbow to the eye. I was fine and it was incredibly fun.

I then became more brave and decided to go crowd surfing. I asked a fellow rocker to heave me on top of the crowd. My surfing was successful until a group of people were not paying attention and dropped me on my head.

Another good thing was that you did not have to wait more than 3 minutes in transfer between bands on the second stage. Among the many bands playing the second stage were Memento, Grade 8, Hotwire, Twisted Method,
Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage, Unloco, Motograter, Revolution Smile, Sworn Enemy, Voivod, Cradle of Filth, and the greatest of all, Endo.

All the bands were incredibly awesome except for Voivod, Cradle of Filth, and Sworn Enemy: those three bands should be shot before they are able to make another song. The second stage was open and more wild and a million times better than the main stage.

The main stage played to a covered seating area, then up a hill to an open grassy area. The seats made it impossible for people to line up around the band performing unless you had first row seats. So I was stuck without the satisfaction of being dropped on my head in a crowd surf or be given a physical injury from the moshpit. The bands consisted of Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Chevelle, and the Datsuns.

The Datsuns and Chevelle were awful and needed to be shot with the three rejects from second stage. Disturbed rocked like always and pumped up the crowd. Marilyn Manson was amazing until the guitarist screwed up “The Beautiful People.” I practically got whiplash from head banging to Korn while singing the lyrics to practically every song. The best moment was when Jonathon Davis of Korn came out playing the bagpipes. Then Ozzy came out the crowd cheered and lit their lighters while he stumbled on stage while the band played “War Pigs.”

Then in the middle of the song he pulled down his pants and mooned the crowd. Then I had to leave early to meet my father. The show was the most well put-together show I have heard about or been to. I would suggest going to an Ozzfest show when it comes to your town because it is definitely worth the $50.00 for tickets.

Get there when the show starts and explore the whole area or you will be missing out on a lot of interesting people. Don’t be shy and ask people to help you get on top of the crowd. Be courteous in the moshpit and don’t throw punches, and if you see someone down help them up. Rock long and rock hard.

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