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He should explain his role in the Miller-Rove controversy.

Novak A Hypocrite?

Contrary to the opinion of some in here, especially in this thread, the Karl Rove-Judith Miller issue is far from resolved. Miller is in jail for doing that a reporter is supposed to be doing. There have been clear implications that Rove – or one of Rove’s employees – was involved in the leak.

And the spinning going on – as I explained here is enough to make one dizzy.

There is one person who probably knows some of the answers but he’s not talking. There was an attempt to perhaps get him to talk but he blew up, cussed and stormed off the set. You can watch the actual video here. He reportedly says a naughty word too.

I was so saddened he has ignored a letter I wrote at my blog. Maybe he just needs to see it at a site with more exposure:

Dear Robert Novak:
You don’t know me. I’m one of those readers who has never liked you but reads you once in a while to see what the columnists transcribing the Republican party line are saying this week.

You come off, on TV and in your columns, as grumpy and close-minded.

Where my opinion of you went from “annoying boring idiot” to “mean vengeful party hack” was when you blew the cover of CIA operative Valerie Plame.

You acted like you did nothing wrong. And what makes matters worse you yourself have asked journalists to reveal their sources when a story broke that made Republicans look bad.

I didn’t think my opinion of you as a slimebag could get much worse but, congratulations, you have now sunk lower.

You cooperated with the investigators on the case but have never revealed why it is that you are not in trouble with the law and they are. You come off like someone who broke the rules (and possibly a law or two) and then cooperated.

It seems to me if any journalist – and I use that term loosely when I include you – should go to jail it should be you since you are the one who named her and possibly put her life on danger.

So when I read the following I was stunned. I’m not sure if you are being incredibly naive or stupid or what?

From an L.A. Times piece:

On Wednesday, Novak appeared on CNN’s Inside Politics to deflect growing criticism of his silence. “If anyone thinks they’re going to jail because of me, it’s madness.” This is, of course, is technically true. Miller may go to jail for her principled refusal to sacrifice her sources.

The New York Times had a similar quote from you.

But don’t you see that the only reason the White House and courts is going after these reporters is because of what you did? Would this even be an issue or story if you hadn’t written your column?

Please explain yourself.


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