Tuesday , February 20 2024

Not Properly Trained?

What a poor excuse for abusing fellow humans. Had the military said “We abused them because we are underpaid, overworked, stressed out, miss our families, sick of being blown up, shot at, fucked with and generally pissed off,” I would have said “Okely dokely neighbor, sodomize one for me while you are at it.” But now I just think our military PR people are morons and the soldiers responsible are a bunch of bored, mentally challeged noodniks.

You know what, I am “not properly trained” to take care of children (I still need abuse training, CPR and some other “official” crap) but no one needed to tell me “Oh, by the way Dawn, don’t molest, beat, threaten (I might do that sometimes) or in any way violate the children’s basic human rights.” I mean, I guess I just figured that was common sense.

What a bunch of dickweeds.

You know what’s so stupid about all this shit, besides ALL OF IT? The fact that these handful of fuckfaces make our otherwise hard-working and brave military force look like assholes, as well as endanger them further by pissing off the Iraqis and the world at large.

Hey, thanks you jerkoffs, I hope a camel spider bites your ass and you get sand in your eye.

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