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Please, Mr. President, we cannot have another war where our men and women's blood runs in the desert sands.

No-Fly Zones Approved in Libya: Doesn’t This Sound Familiar?

A dangerous dictator? Ruthless and willing to kill his own people? We have heard this one before: Hitler, Stalin, and most recently Saddam Hussein. Everyone in the world wants him out, or so it seems. Apparently, even Arab countries (although unnamed) have approved of his ouster. This sounds conspicuously similar to what happened in Iraq. We had no-fly zones there too once upon a time, and that really worked out well, didn’t it?

If the old adage is correct – history repeats itself – then we are in for a bad case of deja vu all over again in Libya. Everyone knows Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi is a few cards short of a full deck. In fact, he makes North Korean leader Kim Jung-il look like a novice when it comes to crazy. Qaddafi has been in the terror business a long time, going way back to the Pan Am Flight 103 Lockerbie bombing in December 1988. The same things were said about Saddam before we went into Iraq. He was a terrorist and fiend too. The connections are obvious and annoyingly apparent, so what is going on here?

Libya is about the size of Alaska. Can you imagine fighting a war in Alaska inch by inch? Throw in tons of sand from the Sahara. scorching heat, and an indigenous population that hates us as much as they hate Qaddafi, and we have a recipe for disaster. All I keep thinking is no-fly zones today, ground war tomorrow. Yes, Mr. Obama says there will be no troops deployed there. Is that now or ever? Is he crossing his fingers when he is saying this?

So, please, let us stay out of it. It is not our fight. We don’t belong there. We have lost so much in Iraq and Afghanistan and we are still there. We have been at war far too long. Just give us some peace. Let France do this, and Italy, and any Arab country that wants to get in on it. Please, Mr. President, we cannot have another war where our men and women’s blood runs in the desert sands.

This is not our fight, so please let it fall to someone else – anyone else – to take this on. If we get sucked in there, it will be for the long haul again, and yet another generation will be born and know of nothing but being at war. How’s that for a legacy, Mr. Obama?

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